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Displacement Disruption

We are moved to reclaim our relationship with land and place as stolen and/or displaced people; to plant roots in our hoods where we can politically organize towards our complete liberation from Neo-Colonialist practices of gentrification. Displacement is anti-blackness. The disparate impact of policies in Philadelphia have  and continue to directly disrupt the lives of First Nation People, Black and Brown residents. Through teach-ins, art disruptions and the dismantling of inequitable policies, we are reimagining a new Philadelphia…

This campaign is directly tied into our labor organizing as the same marginalized folks that lack decision making power in their work spaces are the same folks who lack decision making power in their hoods.

Official Demands of the Black and Brown Workers Cooperative 

& The Former Residents of the Penn Wynn House Apartments


The pattern of displacement continues to today including the Penn Wynn, a 231-unit multifamily property located in a middle and working class black neighborhood of Wynnfield and that supplied low-income and middle income housing to West Philadelphia residents. Many of the residents had been residents for decades, were elders, seniors, families with children and people with disabilities. 


Each resident is not a number or a population, each one is a person with a family and their own story.  Read more about them here: 



Cross Properties, led by Ajay Raju, bought the Penn Wynn in 2016 and the residents were illegally evicted in 2017. The tenants organized, along with the Philadelphia Tenants Union, to delay and resist the mass eviction, but ultimately were forced to move. Many still have illegal evictions on their record even when they were subsequently withdrawn. Councilman  Curtis Jones and Jim Kenney must recognize these business practices as forced removals and renovations that create displacement for the families affected. 


The property is now known as the Dane. The lowest cost studio is now rents for $1,239/month,  a one-bedroom for $1,448/month and a two bedroom for $1,800/month. 


We demand that the Penn Wynn provide a Right of Return to the people that were illegally displaced from the Penn Wynn. The concept of the right of return is inscribed in international law and property law where a government or an individual actor has displaced due to no fault of their own. The mass eviction, displacement, and subsequent renovation and renewed is the process of removal for black people from this traditional black neighborhood. 


Any person that takes residence is collaborating in the displacement, colonization and destruction of this historic Black neighborhood. The legacy of redlining and displacement has not stopped. The neighborhoods where black people were once forced to live in are now the sites for redevelopment. The sites where black people were forced to live, but were resolved to create homes and communities. Those communities are now being destroyed with assistance by the federal government and the city officials. 


There is no need for any additional studies by non-profits or foundations. The displacement and genocide must stop now! 

Cross Properties Demand: 


Legislation that supports “right of return” for former residents at the same rate that they were paying when they were residents at the Penn Wynn and the removal of evictions from former tenants record.


Curtis Jones Demand: 


Pressure Cross Properties and Ajay Raju to provide a right of return to residents of Penn Wynn. 

Stop any additional zoning or permit decisions in relation to Cross Properties. 


Jim Kenney Demand: 


Pursuant to federal law, end immoral and unethical policy of Councilmanic Prerogative. 

Community Land trusts funded by municipal dollars. Add language about Community Land 


Philadelphia City Council:

Mandatory sealing of evictions that Penn Wynn residents incurred. 

Legislation that supports Right of first refusal for tenants facing mass eviction without just cause.

Community Land trusts funded by municipal dollars and land provided by the Philadelphia Land Bank. 

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